Sunday, May 2, 2010

The record is not good!

At this time last year, I had read a grand total of 42 books. This year you can see the number is a paltry 26. I've only read 26 books!!! I'd like to say it's because this year I've been reading some deep and serious things and last year I read all cotton candy for my brain but that's not true.

I know that last year at this time I was just substitute teaching so I could read basically all day and this year I'm in classes with kids and "working" each period... I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. It must. I have to believe that.

And since I've moved back to the Midwest, and I'm home with friends and family, AND I'm back in Civilization, I'm out doing more now than I was then. I hadn't been home long this time last year and was still getting my bearings. I also am doing other things than just reading: sewing, spending time with friends and family, blogging, emailing, and school related teacher stuff.

But still- 26 compared to 42? I feel like I'm lacking. What a bum I've become. Shame on me!

But I look at my Goodreads list and see all the things I want to read and I look at the calendar and see only 21 more school days until summer vacation, so things are bound to balance out, right?

(And if anyone is part of Goodreads and wants to be on my friend list, send me a comment here and we can do that!)

Come on summertime!


joey said...

hello, I love reading too. i have just finished reading The Broad Highway by my favorite author named Jeffery Farnol. In fact, I have read it 4 times so far. He wrote wonderful books about highway men and beautiful damsels in distress in the 1930's. I get such a thrill when I find one of his books in a thrift store. The only place now that you can find them. I think The Broad highway is his best book. hugs, joey

Karen@Mignardise said...

Cute blog!
Thanks for visiting mine too (Mignardise)

Have you read Little Bee? Sad, but so beautifully written. Highly recommend it.
I am lucky to have just started my dream job - working in a bookstore!

Maggie said...

Joey- thanks for reading my blog and taking time to comment.

Also thanks so much for the recommendation. I'll see if I can find a book by him!

Karen- thanks for the return visit. your blog is beautiful!

And it's funny you mention Little Bee because I have it on my shelf right now! Glad to have someone else recommend it!