Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book 35- Worst Case

Worst Case by James Patterson is the third book in the Detective Mike Bennett series.

Bennett is a widower with 10 children, an Irish priest grandfather, an Irish nanny named Mary Catherine, and is a police detective in NYC.

In this third outing, Patterson writes with Michael Ledwidge in typical Patterson style- quick thoughts, choppy sentences, and a fast paced mystery. I like Bennett, especially in this novel, as he hunts a kidnapper and killer of New York's wealthiest children, racing against time, also a popular devise in Patterson's writing.

Also, readers are treated to possible romance between Mike and a feebie assigned to help with the case, and the home fires are burning a bit brighter as Mary Catherine finally lets Mike know that she, too, is interested.

I'm a moderate fan of Patterson, usually on a lower level because I can read his stuff quickly, it's beach quality, and it's cotton candy for my brain. I really like the Mike Bennett series, though. Mike is a more developed and a round character. he also had a neat story line. I like his almost as much as I do the Alex Cross series! This is a good one; add Mike Bennett to your reading rotation!


Self Sagacity said...

i like that you're posting these books, you know I often want to grab a book and be immersed but never have an idea where to begin looking.

Maggie said...

Self Sagacity- thanks so much, Glad you like the reviews. I hope you like the books too!