Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book 31- The Book of Joe

In Jonathan Tropper's novel The Book of Joe, Joe grows up in Bush Falls, graduates and leaves. He then goes on to write a 'fictional' best seller that trashes everyone in the town, and which is loosely based on true life events. But he doesn't care because, even though his father and brother still live in Falls, he doesn't return home... until 17 years later when his brother Brad calls to tell him their father is in a coma. Joe knows he has to come home.

Upton his return, there is no welcome committee; quite the opposite. The local book club dots the yard (he's staying at his childhood home) with copies of his book which are thrown as they drive by, he's pelted with a milkshake, gets in a bar fist fight and is arrested. And that's his first day back at the Falls. Not to mention he's still in love with his high school sweetheart, his high school best friend is dying, his sister-in-law hates him, a local thug wants him dead, and the local sheriff is gunning for him. Oh yeah, and his father is dying.

And if you're wondering if his little homecoming can get much worse.... well, yeah it can. And it does.

I love and adore author Jonathan Tropper's dark humor ( loved This is Where I leave You!). He take such dark situations and gives them a comedic spin. Sometimes sad and heartwarming, but mostly just funny.