Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book 16 (2011): Light On Snow

This novel by Anita Shreve was told by the voice of an adult woman, in flashback, to her 12th year of life, over the course of a few days after she and her father find an abandoned baby in the woods.

She tells the story of finding the baby and how she and her father ended up in a small house in the woods in New Hampshire.

I like the voice of Nicky and the relationship she has with her father. I like the relationship she develops with Charlotte. It's a beautifully told story. It's a quiet and gentle story. (288 pages)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book 15 (2011) Cross Fire

Alex Cross is back. And so is Kyle Craig. And I really wish neither one were back.

I started reading this series a few years ago and read about 10 of them in one summer vacation. I thought Cross was written as a smart, intellectual, guy, family first, and just with a nice twist of 'something' special in him. He seemed like a smart character.

Maybe Patterson doesn't like him anymore because he seems so cliched and tired. He seems whiny and not as smart of quick.

And I hate bringing back these former foes of his. Can't we have a new enemy?

Cross goes about Craig who threatens his family. His buddy Sampson plays second fiddle and guards the family. Nana gets mad. The kids are "smart". Alex gets married. He gets threatened. Blah Blah Blah...............

Nuff said. (356 pages)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book 14 (2011): Against Medical Advice

This is the story of Cory, a boy diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive disorder when he was five years old.

And no matter what medical specialist after medical specialist did, no matter the drugs nor the tests, he just kept getting worse. Nothing made him better.

Cory's dad teamed with James Patterson to tell the tale of this family's struggle as they try and save their son.

I like that it's a non- fiction story written like fiction. It keeps pace with Patterson's traditional quick writing style, simple and easy reading. It's told in four parts.

I was frustraed with the ending. It felt like an entirely different voice, like a third person stepped in the write the final section. it felt lack luster and limp.

The story is tragic and sad and harrowing. My grade is not for the story or the person or the family who suffered but it's all about the presentation, the voice, the tone, the writing style... (288 pages)


Book 13 (2011): Sing You Home

Jodi Picoult's latest has the traditional controversial issue and a culmination court case with a twist ending.

I figured out the twist ending about 200 pages from the end.

Zoe Baxter wants a baby and has miscarriage after miscarriage. After her last pregnancy ends tragically, she and her husband, Max, divorce. She meets a woman at work and their friendship blooms into romance. After Zoe and Vanessa marry, Zoe decides she wants a child with Vanessa and seeks custody of her fertilized embryos.

Max, a recovering alcoholic, falls off the wagon and after a near death experience, he gets religion and becomes involved in a zealot like congregation. The pastor of that church seeks fame and, pulling Max into the limelight, the story focuses on gay rights as Max and Zoe go to court to fight for the custody of the embryos.

Interesting story and well written as Picoult's novels are.

Zoe is a music therapist and I love how that was woven into the tale. That was one of the best parts of the book for me.

And because of Zoe's occupation, this book came with a CD. I have to admit I didn't even listen to it- I don't have a CD player and each time I thought about it I was in bed and my computer was downstairs... I do plan on listening to it at work this week!

(466 pages)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book 12 (2011): Skin

This science-fiction thriller by Ted Dekker was a "mess your mind" read. Skin was a frustrating psychological thriller and I was not impressed. I hated it.

A group of random people all meet and are chased by a killer. They are all weird and have strange backgrounds. Weird things happen all around them.

As the story plays out, readers start figuring out the truth. I don't want to ruin it for anyone but I was not impressed. I hated this cop-out twist. Nothing is as it seems.

I won't be reading any more Dekker. Ever. (400 pages)