Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book 32- Love in Mid Air

Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright was a dark sort of love story that follows a woman through her 10th year of marriage- a marriage to Phil the dentist who is cold, verbally abusive in a sarcastic way, but gee he's such a good provider.

Elyse wants a divorce... she thinks. Then, while on a business trip, she meets Gerry and contemplates and then has an affair. She doesn't fall in love with Gerry but she knows, without a doubt, that she isn't in love with Phil anymore. And because she's a mom and a suburban housewife who makes play pots, drives the car pool, does book club with her rich women friends in her upper middle class neighborhood, and hosts fancy but casual Christmas parties, she isn't sure she can get a divorce because... well, it's just "not done."

She also begs Phil to get counseling and he finally agrees, making an appointment to meet with their church minister who 1) is Phil's best friend; 2) has a crush on Elyse; and, 3) is the husband of Nancy, a bitchy jealous woman in Elyse's social circle of 'best friends.' Counseling doesn't go what one would call well.

As I review this book, I realize how much I found distasteful with the novel, or at least with how much contempt I have for these characters, none of whom I like very well. Between the bitchy circle of girlfriends, her whining, her mean husband-- well, this wasn't a pleasant read. Not to mention, I found the ending completely unsatisfying.