Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Farewell to a favorite

My favorite blog Food for Thought, as I know it, over. This was an amazing blog. I looked forward to reading her posts more than any other blog I see.

Jain (aka Once in a Blue Moon) authored said blog. Over the course of 2010, she cooked and photographed the 167 books she read. That's right, 167 books. The pictures were glorious and the food looked wonderful every single time. She was creative with her table-scapes (presentations) and everything was just amazing. Jain is one talented lady and I enjoyed every scrumptious read. And not only were were pictures amazing and her food looked fab, her book picks were great. I read many books from her recommendations (and I have many of her suggestions on my 'to-read' list).

But after reading, shopping, cooking, photographing and posting that many books in a year, she is laying Food For Thought to rest. Or least as we know it. Mary at Home is where the Boat is, will be taking up the torch for the project.

I want to say a huge thank you to Jain for her marvelous blog and I will miss her. It was a wonderful experience and I loved reading, eating and looking at everything she did!


Charlene said...

I HAVE LOVED JAIN FOREVER! I was so sad when Once in a Blue Moon left & now....

food for thought said...

you are so sweet thank you for your kind post~ mary will be hosting it once a month and i will try to add a couple books myself, right now i am so burnt out i can't stand the thought of cooking, but reading i love :)

i am sure i will want to share pics later in the year after the gluttony of the season has worn thin, but i will never have a year again where i cook all the books, it was great fun, but OY so glad its over!

thanks again, jain~

Maggie said...

Charlene- I know!!!! :(

Jain- you are awesome and amazing. I completely understand how you can be burned out on all of it, and it certainly does look like it was great fun. But I do understand why you need a break.

Your project will be missed!

Now that it's over, though, when someone in Hollywood gets a hold of this and makes it into a movie (a'la "Julie/ Julia" project) who's going to play you?!?

Karen @ Mignardise said...

Great book blog! I work part time in a small bookstore and it's wonderful to see these reviews. I loved Food for Thought too, and contributed just a few times. Jain is awesome.
Thanks so much for visiting me at Mignardise and becoming a follower. You made my day!

Maggie said...

Karen- isn't she wonderful!! and I bet I've been to your blog on the days you contributed because I visited every blog who participated last year. I might not have commented but I made sure I went to ever one who did "Food For Thought.

And you're blog is awesome- happy to be a follower!