Friday, January 7, 2011

Book 3 (2011): Last Night At Chateau Marmont

After I read the last book (Chasing Harry Winston) by Lauren Weisberger, said I would never read another one, yet I did anyway. I think I wanted something light and fluffy and it was on the shelf.

In this book, Brooke and Julian Alter are a young married couple in NYC. Julian is and up and coming musician and Brooke is a nutritionist, working two jobs to support them. When Julian's music career takes off he becomes enamored with the lifestyle that goes with it. Brooke is thrilled for Julian but she wants to continue her own career while he wants her to quit her job and travel with him, enjoying his new found rock star fame. Then he does something stupid, the paparazzi have photos and Brooke and Julian split.

It was just a chick lit novel. It named dropped left and right and pushes along a very expensive and famous lifestyle. I read it, it was quick and painless but I now remember why I wasn't going to read her stuff anymore.

I still say The Devil Wears Prada was her best book to date. (384 pgs)