Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book 77- Based Upon Availability

This dark novel is based on the lives of 8 women who all intersect because of the Four Seasons Hotel.

The first part of Alix Strauss's novel focuses on Morgan, the general manager of the hotel, who had never coped with the death of her younger sister. The other 7 women and their stories swirl around her. Trish has opened a gallery and is throwing a party for her best friend, who had just gotten engaged and lost lots of weight. Ellen thinks she pregnant. Louise is checked into the hotel to dry out and hopefully resurrect her rock star career. Anne suffers from OCDs. Franny is displaced after a fire and has nowhere to go and is so jealous of the lives of her neighbors. Robin takes revenge on her abusive sister. Shelia deals with her affair with a married man.

This is a very dark novel and isn't always full of happy endings. I do like the story and I like the way all the characters are entwined. But it's sure a dark, yet well written, tale.