Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book 76- The Lake Shore Limited

The novel that went nowhere, is what I consider The Lake Shore Limited. I feel like all the characters began and ended in the same spot. Ugh!

Using 4 different narrators, we see the lives of four people: Sam, Billy, Leslie and Raffe. Leslie lost her brother during 9/11. Billy was his lover. Sam is a friend of Leslie's she tries to fix up with Billy. Raffe is the star of a theater play Billy has written.

Billy wrote a play about a guy who fell out of love with his wife but then he found out she might be dead. Raffe was in the play and was touched by it, because he has a wife that he married, divorced, then remarried again. Three years after they married the second time, she was diagnosed with fatal, long term terminal disease, Huntingtons Disease. Leslie and Sam saw the play, thus begins the intertwining of all four of these people.

I don't find any of these characters very likable and I just don't feel like this book "went anywhere."


Linda M. said...

Happy Day After Pink Saturday Maggie,

Whew! I have not read this book and after reading your review I doubt that I will. lol I'm one of your new followers. I'm going to check out your posts for a book I'll ask Santa to bring perhaps. Have a fantastic week!

Maggie said...

Linda- welcome! thanks for reading and following! I hope you can find a good book here somewhere- I've read some really great things this year; last year , too!say it the say I see it!

I hate saying I didn't like a book but over the years I've been doing this, I finally gave up trying to be nice and just