Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cooking Southern

Even though I already posted my review of South of Broad, I've decided I want to participate in the blog called "Food For Thought" and I want to do some Low Country Southern cooking.

There is certainly more I can say about this book when I show my food and pictures!

Well, maybe I shouldn't get so all fired up sure that this is what I'm gonna do but I'm gonna try. I have all the necessary ingredients to make some Low Country delicacies and if tomorrow goes well, I plan on it!

The next Food for Thought is supposed to be Sat. March 13, so be sure to stop here to see if I did or didn't do it!


1 Comment:

once in a blue moon... said...

oh i am so happy you are going to play at food for thought, i look forward to SEEING what you are reading!

i just read a southrn book with gumbo in it, but i have more of a hankering for the duncan hines chocolate cakes that kept appearing in the book, time will tell, its so fun when the books dictate your diet! see on the 13th, jain~