Sunday, February 21, 2010

Book 11- Knit the Season

Knit the Season is the third in the Friday Night Knitting Club series by Kate Jacobs, a series that never should've been, in my opinion.

In this tome, dead Georgia's daughter Dakota is trying to focus on her future: graduate from culinary school and run the knitting cafe and knit shop, Walker and Daughter. But life's changes have a way of causing havoc on plans. Anita is still trying to re-schedule her wedding to Marty after her son's fake heart attack canceled the last one. Catherine is trying to decide if she should be willing to love again as she furthers her romance with Italian Marco. Her other friends Darwin and Lucie are juggling their own new and expanding families.

Will it all come crashing down around Dakota when she's invited by her father James, whom she suspects of having a new girlfriend, to spend Christmas in Scotland with her great-grandmother and her maternal grandparents Bess and Tom? What happens if Peri decides to move to Paris to make her pocketbooks Vogue magazine famous? What will happen to Walker & Daughter? And will Dakota survive?

I adored the very first book The Friday Nigh Knitting Club. I thought it was smart and well written and never really gave any consideration that Jacobs might pen a sequel, let alone turn it into a series. I think this will be the last book I read about this particular crew because I'm just tired of it. It's taking on the drudgery and trudgery that a series can (and more often, sadly, does), and is no longer fresh and fun. The plot is stretch thin and Dakota oscillates between a child and a woman, while the adult around her who helped raised her are never sure to treat her like the little girl they knew or the adult she is, but this conflict doesn't come across well in the writing. There are often platitude lines that sound like something from a Hallmark card, rather than "real" dialogue. I think the story is a bit weak and cheeky, and could really be a Lifetime Movie for the Holidays plot.

I wish the characters the best, but my journey with them stops here.


bunny, The Paris House Designs said...

Hi, Well I guess I won't be reading this book LOL!! I still haven't read the first but have heard it is very good. I am now reading Brava Valentine, part of the triology and I just love it. The first was smart, interesting and an easy read...I go back and forth between great classics and then lighter reads.
Well It is nice discovering your blog..

Charlene said...

LOVE the moose book you sent to Nan. Do you know Jane at

She has an amazing site where she reads books & then cooks things out of the stories. Go see her amazing photos & post & tell her Charlene sent you. ENJOY!

Maggie said...

bunny- thanks for commenting and visiting. Thanks for sharing what you read- i always need suggestions so I'll check this out.

Charlene- i'm sorry it wasn't me who sent Nan the book but I do love that story.

And I'll go see what Jane does. I read books with recipes (Knit the Season had some) and I always wonder about fixing them in "real life" but never have!

Thank you too, Charlene for visiting and commenting and I hope you come again soon!

once in a blue moon... said...

hi maggie, so glad charlene sent you, you are perfect for food for thought! come back tomorrow and look at the other links, every other saturday we share our edible books, well not so edible either, but i plan on doing every book i read~ love to have you join in!

Maggie said...

Hi Blue Moon--

I might just do it! i love to read, cook and take pictures so it would seem silly to not, right? At least try it once?

Thank you for the invite, the comment and for visiting!

And I just LOVED that blog!