Friday, February 19, 2010

Book 10- True Blue

Thank goodness True Blue is OVER! for me This was the 'draggiest' thriller I've read in a very long while, which is a huge disappointment since it comes from one author I usually enjoy, David Baldacci.

This starts out with Mace Perry, a former cop, being released from prison into the custody of her sister Beth, the DC chief of police and somehow becomes almost a campy whondunit turned bring down the FBI turned terrorist plotting in the US book. Feh. Mace desperately wants back on the force after serving two years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. She gets her hooks into a case, thinking if she solves it she'll be absolved and can go back to being true blue again- *gag me with a spoon over the hokiest dialogue ever written about this*. Roy Kingman, a former NCAA BBall player, is a lawyer who's in on the case and the love story between he and Mace is one twisted romance.

Mace acts like a petulant child in one scene and in the next turn she's acting like a brilliant legal mind. Baldacci writes her character all over the place, turning her from acting like a risk-taking bitch to acting like a smart former cop to acting like a mush ball whiny girl to a sarcastic smart mouthed teenager.

And Baldacci needs an editor in a huge way. There were tons of mistakes in this book, just grammar errors to typos. I also want to say that if Baldacci had his character use the word "bandits" for the bad guys one more time, I would scream. The overuse of 'bandits' was SO pronounced that it was distracting from reading the book. Using the word 'bandits' so many times made me want to start counting and I did; when I reach 73 times, I quit and the book still wasn't finished. It was to the point of making me giggle when I read it. Someone give this man a thesaurus, PLEASE! And my over use... get my drift?

I was completely disappoint in this no thrilling thriller with flat lackluster boring unlikable characters, and a trite and over used storyline.


Petite Little Bee said...

Thanks for the tip. I will skip this book. Lia

Maggie said...

Lia- you're welcome! And thanks for visiting and commenting!

Herself said...

Happy Pink, Maggie! Thanks for stopping by my place, ddna. How on earth do you have so many blogs?!! Wow. Have a blessed day!

Maggie said...

Herself- thanks for coming by, too. My PS, in case you haven't found it yet, is at my "shoes/purse" blog.

And I have time for so many because... LOL, I have no life, I guess. haha!

Jenny said...

Thanks for this tip. I was going to order this for my husband. That's too bad because some of his books are great.

Maggie said...

Jenny- thanks for reading, commenting and following.

And I've read all other books by Baldacci and this was, by comparison, just absolutely terrible. I would almost swear he had a ghost writer for it.

If you hubby thinks he MUST read it, use the library rather than spend you money, for sure! Or at the very least, wait for it to be a used paperback at 99cents! :)