Saturday, January 23, 2010

One of my favorite book shoppes

I'm so excited! I get to do one of my favorite things tomorrow... well, actually several of my favorite things!

A friend and I are going to eat at our favorite Italian place and paint pottery AND then... visit one of my favorite all time used book stores!!!!! Recently a Half Price books opened up in a neighboring town and I just LOVE to go there. The staff is wonderful and friendly. (And one clerk is a cutie!) I love how clean and organized the whole place is. I like that the music are albums-- actual vinyl LPs- playing in the store! I love the free coffee and the rows and rows and rows of books! Paperbacks! Hardbacks! Cooking, gardening, mysteries, music, humor, memoirs, art! Love, love, love it!!!

I'm hoping for a few good finds. And I'm sure I'll find them- I always do!