Friday, January 15, 2010

Book 2- The Girl She Used to Be

Melody Grace McCartney and her family saw a horrible accident when she was 6 years old and was put in the Witness Relocation Program- for the rest of her life. Now, at age 26, and 8 identifies later, she has no idea who she is.

She does know she never lets anyone get close to her because who know when she'll be relocated, or killed by the mobsters who are still hunting her. She knows her parents are dead. She knows she loves math. She knows she is completely alone in this world. Otherwise, she has no idea who she is.

Until one day her fear comes to life and she is snatched my a member of the Bovaro family, the mobsters who are chasing her. And he life begins...

This is a great story! I was anxious to see how it ended, and, to me anyway, it was a "surprise" ending! I appreciate the storyline- what a cool idea to follow someone in the Witness Relocation program, fictional or not. I also like this author's easy writing style. David Cristofano gives a solid voice to a dynamic female character. I like her innocence and her brain.

This is a good "beach" read.