Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book 30 (2011): The Chamber

I have no idea how I missed this Grisham book. First, it was really good. Second, it was one of his earlier works, before he became a machine that generated one legal thriller after another.

While I found some of the tedious motions and filings a bit long in the tooth, I enjoyed this book about a first year lawyer from Chicago who moves to the South to defend his racist grandfather he'd never met until he sees him the first time on Death Row, 28 days prior to his execution date.

Adam goes South to defend his grandfather Sam (who is on Death Row for the bombing of a Jewish law office that ended up killing 2 people). Adam wanted to see if he can get a stay of execution for Sam. Adam bonds with the grandfather, and he also meets some of his other Southern relatives that he was hidden from his entire life.

Not a bad read, and it makes me want to plow through Grisham's earlier works like The Firm, The Pelican Brief, and A Time to Kill. (640 pages)



Melissa F said...

Thanks for the review. The Firm is my favorite Grisham novel and definitely worth a read. Hopefully you didn't see the awful movie that was based on the book. If so, please wipe it from your memory bank before reading the book. :)

Maggie said...

Oh the movie "The Firm" SUCKED terribly! I was completely POed at how crappy it was! I rarely watch a Grisham book turned into a movie because of it! And I've tried to wipe it from my brain. (I also hate Tom Cruise so he made it even worse than what it was!!)

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Amy said...

Read A Time to Kill. It is an awesome book but be prepared. The opening chapter is of the rape of a little girl and it is brutal. If that stuff sticks with you just skip that chapter. (I know that's bad, but I read it 10+ years ago and it still disturbs me).

Really good book other than that.

Maggie said...

Amy- A Time to Kill is amazing, and I did have to skim the opening rape scene. I think this is Grisham's bet work, to date.