Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book 25 (2011): Rescue

Rescue is a novel by Anita Shreve, and it's one I thoroughly enjoyed. I have no idea why, through the years, I thought I disliked Shreve's writing but I was certainly wrong. This is the second book of her's I've read this year and I'm even more impressed.

(On a personal note, I think it's ironic, for those of you who are familiar with my personal life will understand this, that the 2 books of her's I've read focus on father/ daughter relationships.)

This story tells, in flashback, how Webster met Shelia and their brief life together in small town Vermont. Then forward to now, and we have the story of Webster and his daughter Rowan, her senior year of high school.

This is a great book. I like the characters and the story. I like the setting as well. It feels "real"; Shreve captures the voice of the father and the daughter perfectly.

An excellent read. And for some reason, I find Shreve a quick read, too. Maybe it's just the novels I'm selecting or maybe it's her writing style or my own mood, but whatever the reason I just seem to fly through her books, usually about 4-5 hours and I'm done!

Great read! (288 pages)