Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book 19 (2011): Bliss Remembered

I loved this book, written by Frank Deford! Such a sweet story and reading it was blissful.

The story is of an older woman- Sidney, in her 80s, who is dying of cancer. She wrote her memoir and then decides to tell her grown son, Teddy, part of her story. She remembers about her trip to the '36 Olympics, in Berlin, of meeting a handsome German, her romance, coming home, the war...

Though this is a fictional story, it feels like it's real. Using the first person narrator and then switching between the voice of mother and son, it's pure delight. The elder Sidney is feisty and fun. Teddy is a charming son.

I loved how Teddy heard part of his mother's story of her past and then called to gossip with his sister about it; that tickled me because it is so real, what real folks would do. He captured all these people perfectly, giving them all so much charm.

Not only are all the characters wonderful, Deford's told a fascinating story, weaving in history to modern times, using flashbacks. And it's a strong story, creative, and several twists, none of which I saw coming because it was so finely told or because I was so enamored with the characters. I didn't want it to end.

This is one novel I strongly recommend! Most people don't often recommend a book to me, so when someone does I really do try and read it. My father strongly encouraged me to rad this one, and I am so happy I did!(351 pages)



once in a blue moon said...

this sounds so good, i bookmarked it for my wish list. i have been struggling with reading the last couple of months with sea dream, i look forward to getting back into a smooth rhythm again, i miss wonderful stories!

Maggie said...

Jain- oh please do. it's funny because when I finished the book I thought specifically of you because it reminded me of something I would've read about on your blog!!