Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book 7 (2011): Psychopath

Psychopath by Keith Ablow is part of a series with a psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Clevenger.

In this thriller novel Clevenger teams with the FBI to track a serial killer. Clevenger is also adjusting to his role of parent to a boy, Billy, who is a troubled teen that he adopt from a previous case. Add to the mix that Clevenger has a relationship with an FBI agent during this high profile case, and you have many twists and turns.

I didn't particularly enjoy this novel. I didn't think it was all that creative and it was tiring to re-read excerpts of the letters that "appeared" in the newspaper since we, as readers, we there when the characters authored them. Ugh! Repetition. I didn't think the adoption of Billy was believable, and while I am certainly one who is willing to suspend disbelief because it's fiction, as least lead me down a path to make me WANT to suspend disbelief. The 'girlfriend' FBI agent is as screwed up as the rest of characters and isn't really likable.

I also felt unsatisfied by the ending of the novel. I won't be reading any more books by this author; thrill me they did not. (341 pages)