Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book 19- On Mystic Lake

Stupid romance novel. Kristin Hannah suckered me again with On Mystic Lake. One minute I think it's a story of redemption and the next minute it's a crappy old love story. and not even a very creative one, or well written.

Annie's husband Blake leaves her after a 20 year marriage. She thought she was the perfect housewife, wife and mother. She goes back to her hometown of Mystic, Washington. There she reunited with her old friend from high school, Nick. Nick had married Kathy, who was Annie's best friend. But Kathy had died, leaving Nick and their six year old daughter Izzy alone. So Annie tried to help Nick stop drinking and to help Izzy speak again.

Of course she falls in love with Nick and then stuff happens and she has to make a choice between Blake and Nick.

Bunch of crap if you ask me.

Not a fan; can ya tell?