Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book 75- Fang

Fang is the most recent in the Maximum Ride series, about the bird kids who are supposed to save the world.

In this literary outing, Max, the leader of the bird kids, is falling in love with Fang, and he with her. Their relationship as a couple is growing but some of the other kids in the flock thinks it's hurting the safety of the group. The kids all vote that Max should leave the flock and let Angel take over.

Max does leave and Fang goes with her, but not before Angel has a premonition that Fang is going to be the first bid kid to die. A parallel plot is that someone is still trying to kill the kids and are stalking them. Suddenly a new bird kid shows up and joins the flock because he has nowhere else to go. BUT, he seems to be "perfect" for Max.

The saga of the bid kids continues. I like the extra stuff at the end: Fang's Q and A with readers as well as experts from "his" blog. Cool series that will keep young adults reading.